Quit smoking

Are you thinking of quitting smoking? Its tough. Any little incentive would be
great. Removing all that tobacco staining would help.At Perfect Teeth we would like to offer you a 3 step incentive on this difficult journey:
1) Quit smoking for at least 3 months from your last session with our Perfect Teeth hygienist,we will offer you 20% discount on any whitening and sparkle treatment.
2) If you have stayed off the cigs after month 6 we will offer you a 50% discount (woah!) on a hygiene clean and polish session.
3) The incentive doesn’t stop there. For each year you continue to stay off smoking, you will be entitled to a 20% discount on any hygiene, whitening and sparkle session.
Still serious about quitting? Contact us today to arrange an appointment to see our hygienist.