Bonded fillings

  • Do you suffer from discoloured teeth?
  • Are your teeth excessively worn or chipped?
  • Do your metal fillings prevent you from smiling in a crowd?

Dental Bonding or white fillings is a fantastic pain-free solution to improve the appearance of teeth, especially teeth that have stains which can’t be removed by bleaching. In most cases this procedure can be undertaken without the need for an anaesthetic! They are also used to improve the appearance of your smile by replacing visible old mercury fillings. Dental bonding can also be used to change the shape of teeth including adding length to short teeth or masking chipped tooth surfaces.

How is Dental Bonding Applied?

The dentist first conditions the enamel (removes the shine of the enamel) of the tooth using a tooth conditioner so that the bond will adhere to the tooth. Then the bond is applied to the tooth and is set by exposing it to a high intensity light which hardens the bond and seals up the “roughed up” enamel. Then a white filling material is applied to the bonded area of the tooth, which is also exposed to a high intensity light that sets the filling material hard. The dentist polishes and contours the tooth. The procedure usually doesn’t require the use of an anaesthetic.


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