• Facial Rejuvenation

    Facial Rejuvenation

    The secret to beautiful skin is a healthy diet, regular exercise and a balanced lifestyle. However the inevitable effects of ageing , sun exposure, smoking, poor diet and stress eventually take their toll. Perfect Teeth now offers the best non surgical facial rejuvenation solutions under the care of our trained U.K qualified dental surgeons. We now offer non -surgical face lifts known in the celebrity world as the V Lift, using Botox and fillers such as Restylane to plump and lift the skin to give an instant more youthful appearance as would a surgical face lift but without all the associated trauma and recovery time. Want to look younger? Book a free Facial Rejuvenation Consultation with one of our trained and experienced practitioners today.

    Did you know that?

    Scientists estimate that laughing 100 times is equivalent to a 10-minute workout on a rowing machine.

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